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Dear ZigBee Alliance: Suck it.

Wow, so to get even a non-commercial draft of the ZigBee spec, you have to go to this web page and answer a lot of really annoying, intrusive questions that are obviously just there so they can spam you and annoy you with marketing phone calls. It says right there on the page:

This email address will be used for email list subscriptions and all other automated communications.

I dislike spam. And I dislike slimy, intrusive marketing. But I repeat myself...

So here is how I filled out their form:

First name: Heywood
Last name: Jablowme
Job title: Your Mom's Pimp
Company name: Skanky Old Ho's, unLtd
Business phone: 641-985-7888 (the Rejection Hotline)
Primary email: (a throw-away email address at

Edit: As soon as I submitted the form, they sent an email with a (one time only) download link. Yay!
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