Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

[MeFi] Principled Conservatives weigh in on the Dubya administration.

And it ain't no surprise they're unhappy...

With Republicans controlling Congress and the White House, conservatives these days ought to be happy, but most aren’t. They see expanding government, runaway spending, Middle East entanglements, and government corruption, and they wonder why, exactly, the country should be grateful for Republican dominance. Some accuse Bush and the Republicans today of not being true conservatives. Others see a grab bag of stated policies and wonder how they cohere. Everyone thinks something’s got to change.

When The Washington Monthly reached me at my office recently, a voice on the other side of the line meekly asked if I would ever consider writing an article supporting the radical proposition that Republicans should get their brains beaten in this fall. "Count me in!" was my chipper response. I also seem to remember muttering something about preferring an assortment of Bourbon Street hookers running the Southern Baptist Convention to having this lot of Republicans controlling America’s checkbook for the next two years.

And we thought Clinton had no self-control, by Joe Scarborough

I voted for George W. Bush in 2000. In 2004, I could not bring myself to pull the same lever again. Neither could I bring myself to vote for John Kerry, who, for all his strengths, credentials, and talent, seems very much less than the sum of his parts. [...]

George Tenet’s WMD "slam-dunk," Vice President Cheney’s "we will be greeted as liberators," Don Rumsfeld’s avidity to promulgate a minimalist military doctrine, together with the tidy theories of a group who call themselves "Neo-conservative" (not one of whom, to my knowledge, has ever worn a military uniform), have thus far: de-stabilized the Middle East; alienated the world community from the United States; empowered North Korea, Iran, and Syria; unleashed sectarian carnage in Iraq among tribes who have been cutting each others’ throats for over a thousand years; cost the lives of 2,600 Americans, and the limbs, eyes, organs, spinal cords of another 15,000—with no end in sight. But not to worry: Democracy is on the march in the Middle East. Just ask Hamas. And the Neocons — bright people, all — are now clamoring, "On to Tehran!"

What have they done to my party? Where does one go to get it back?

Let’s quit while we’re behind, by Christopher Buckley

Dubya has one golden talent that I keep seeing over and over again. He is a master at pissing everyone off. No matter who you are, or what your beliefs tend towards, the guy has done something that just tears you up. And normally I'd LIKE that, but he even managed to get on my bad side - by killing thousands of innocent people. My sense of humor turns off real quick when innocent people (US soldiers and others) are dying by the thousand.

Should the Democrats ever come back into power, I hope they will remember these words. It's a fine example of speaking your conscience and defending the truth against the stupidity of groupthink. But then large groups of people always seem to either ignore or forget the truth when they have power. One of the many conclusions drawn in these pieces is that government gridlock is really quite good for freedom. The more time those control freaks in Washington spend fighting futiley with each other, the less time they have to spew bullshit at us and destroy everyone's civil liberties.

I'd still love to see Dubya impeached. I still don't think it's going to happen.
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