Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Going shooting, Sat the 23rd, 11am.

I'm taking Mark shooting this Sat, 11am. Comers-along are welcome, though be aware that I think we may only have two pistols for the whole group, so each person may only get a couple of magazines worth. I think Mark wants to play with my new sword as well, so we may kill some giant cucumbers or foam pool noodles after shooting. But there will be no mad, crazy ninjas vs. cowboys action. Sorry. ;]

Anyone who hasn't come shooting with me before, and has not taken a gun safety class, will need to arrange to come over early and get a half-hour gun safety lesson from me. And there will be a quiz, too! (You may study in advance if you like.)

We may need to reschedule or cancel the event if it's actively precipitating around noon on Saturday.

RSVP via a comment here, or send an email to
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