Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

[Reddit] Oh, you DIDN'T hear about thousands protesting against Bush at the UN on Thursday?

Must be that liberal media bias again...

Thousands of Iraq war protesters marched Tuesday to the United Nations, where President George W. Bush sought to reassure Muslims worldwide that the United States was not waging war against their faith and again pressed Iran on its controversial nuclear program. Marchers chanted "Hey hey, ho ho, the Bush regime has got to go" and hoisted signs that said, "Bush lies, who dies?"

"I am more passionate than ever about the Iraq War because it has ruined our economy," said Thomas Brinson, 63, a Vietnam veteran from Long Island. "It's killing innocent civilians, and the National Guard was deployed in Iraq and they weren't here for natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina."

The anti-war march, organized by the group United for Peace and Justice, started in the garment district on the West Side and stretched along a dozen blocks to the United Nations on the East Side, where there were speeches. A contingent of a dozen "Raging Grannies" wore colorful hats and dresses. "After Vietnam I thought the U.S. had learned a lesson," said Lillian Pollack, 91, a retired city schoolteacher. "But Bush was planning this war for two years. He tried to make it look like it was legitimate. But it backfired."
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