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Adventures in Engineering
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2006-09-21 07:44
  Subject:   EEStor
Forget hybrids and hydrogen-powered vehicles. EEStor, a stealth company in Cedar Park, Texas, is working on an "energy storage" device that could finally give the internal combustion engine a run for its money - and begin saving us from our oil addiction. "To call it a battery discredits it," says Ian Clifford, the CEO of Toronto-based electric car company Feel Good Cars, which plans to incorporate EEStor's technology in vehicles by 2008.

EEStor's device is not technically a battery because no chemicals are involved. In fact, it contains no hazardous materials whatsoever. Yet it acts like a battery in that it stores electricity. If it works as it's supposed to, it will charge up in five minutes and provide enough energy to drive 500 miles on about $9 worth of electricity. At today's gas prices, covering that distance can cost $60 or more; the EEStor device would power a car for the equivalent of about 45 cents a gallon.


This is very interesting - some kind of ultra-capacitor? Anyone have more info?
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Willow: DI Impactor
  User: willow_red
  Date: 2006-09-21 14:50 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Keyword:DI Impactor
All I could find on a quick Google search was that this is some kind of solid-state ultra-capacitor. It sounds exciting, but what makes me pause is that it's being touted as "everything to everyone," a situation that rarely turns out to be reality.
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  User: (Anonymous)
  Date: 2006-09-21 15:43 (UTC)
  Subject:   EEstor capacitor
Its a ceramic multi-layer capacitor. EEStor claims (in their patent) to be able to increase the ceramic's (Barium Titanate) dialectric constant from the normal value of 6000 to 40,000 and increase the dialectric strength from 1000 volts per mil to 7000 V/mil. Taken together these would allow the construction of a capacitor that stores 220 Watt hours per kilogram, equal to the best available Lithium batteries.

I wonder about the huge electric field between the plates, 7000 V/mil, or 7 million volts per inch. What happens when it is hit by a cosmic ray? Will we just have a solid state spark chamber?
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  User: nickhalfasleep
  Date: 2006-09-21 16:51 (UTC)
  Subject:   Re: EEstor capacitor
Talk about lightning in a bottle. Heck you could bottle lightning with an array of these. Pretty amazing improvement if they make it work.
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