Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

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Ben is a big hypochondriac.

Just back from the doc. Apparently it was moving Yon's desk that made my back feel all screwy. There are zero white blood cells or other misc garbage in my urine, so there's no chance it's a kidney infection. (Thankfully.)

I can't believe this. Either I'm an amazing wuss (mistaking a sprained back muscle for kidney trouble) or else being 31 is really catching up with me! I've moved stuff way larger than that before without this kind of pain. In fact, this is an entirely new kind of muscle pain to me. Usually I get a dull ache, and this is more like a sharp shooting pain. I think... yes, I do believe... I is gettin' old!

I also think my chair at work is horrible and I need to get something better.

Now get off my lawn, you darn kids! And bring me my walker, sonny!!
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