Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

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[MeFi] Steve Irwin jokes. Too soon?

Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo is now serving Sting Ray...
It's Expensive, but Steve reckons "It's to die for!"

Guess who's singing at Steve Irwin's funeral?
STING, RAY Charles, and BARBara Striesand!

Why did they recall Steve Irwin's line of sunblock?
It didn't protect against deadly rays.

What network will be hosting his re-runs?

Did you hear that Steve Irwin died like he lived?
With animals in his heart.

What did Steve Irwin say when he pulled the stingray barb from his chest?

How many respected biologists have been killed by stingrays?

What's the difference between the Croc Hunter and Princess Di?
He brought his own camera crew.

But, seriously.
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