Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Employed, for whatever it's worth.

So I called Radio Shack a few minutes ago, as I was instructed to on Tuesday. The background check came back fine, as expected. And also as expected, I got the job. Could start as soon as tomorrow.

While on one hand this is good news, on another hand it's not. The job pays only slightly more than $5/hr - you can do the math on how much I'll make a month. Do you think I have much of a chance of affording an apartment in Boulder while still making $400 worth of car payments each month? Nope.

So now in addition to still not being financially independent, I also get to commute an hour each way, and I'll be tied up for 40 hours a week. Maybe this is a small improvement, but it's a long way from what I really need right now.

But jobs aren't what's really on my mind this morning.

Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch
Please slip back into yourself
Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch
Go conquer someone else

People say, "How beautiful, how sweet, how kind"
You're perfect, you've got nothing to hide
But I, for one, have seen the sun
And the bitch that you've locked up inside

Got fat, got angry, started hating myself
Wrote "Birthday Boy" for you babe
Now I'm skinny and sick and paranoid
Without a cent to my name

Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch
Fuck you, you stinkin' ass ho
Most beauty I've seen
you come from a dream
But I can't close my eyes anymore
No, I can't close my eyes anymore

Cryptic? Perhaps. If so, just ignore it and tell me congrats on getting a job. Reinforce that social belief that even if a job makes you fucking miserable and isn't financially better than being unemployed, you're still a better person for having one.
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