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Makes you want to buy a pink unicorn shirt, dunnit?

Possibly the best thing about reading Questionable Content is that not only do I have a new source of excellent t-shirts, but I also have some new bands to check out for the first time in quite a while.


Opeth - Blackwater Park, Deliverance, My Arms Your Hearse
Mastadon - Leviathan
The Sword - Whatever, too funny to matter


Sigur Ros - Takk
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary
Modest Mouse - ?
Mogwai - Mr Beast
The Decemberists - ?


Vitalic - OK Cowboy

Any suggestions on what albums from Modest Mouse and The Decemberists I should try?

P.S. I think I'm going to start jogging exclusively to Deathmøle tunes. Check out the MP3 of "current music" over at the author's LJ. Must! Buy! Unicorn! Tshirt!! (Obligatory PBF comic.)
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