Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

[Reddit] Hailing the greatness that is Weird Al.

Weird Al's skewed worldview extends to his lifelong dedication to and virtuosic talents on the accordion. Dude, he freakin' rips on squeezebox. If you've got no respect for the instrument you better cash in your Beirut and Arcade Fire albums, because it's made a wheezing comeback thanks to such bittersweet, cardigan-wrapped fare. Polka, not so much. But Lynwood's accordion-driven medley, featuring oompa-pa-ed versions of "Take Me Out," "Gold Digger," "Float On," and other hipster hits, is laugh-out-loud funny and potentially irritating because Al's maniacal arrangements so nimbly deconstruct the originals.,zwickel,74733,22.html
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