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GWAR on Joan Rivers.

From the "phrases you never thought you'd hear" dept.

Joan: "So, during your concerts, you throw blood on the audience. You throw... dismembered body parts on the audience... in theory. So, what is the philosophy behind all this?"

Oderus: "Well, basically... we view the human race as scum. We are indeed from another planet you know, so humans we see as dogs, food, so much to be slaughtered on stage en masse. And humans do not dislike this, rather, they throw themselves gleefully into the jaws of death."

Beefcake: "Yes, its sort of a, uh microcosm of the entire human condition, if you will."

Oderus: "They line up - to die."

Joan: "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."


(See also, The Onion's 13 goriest album covers.)
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