Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

[Reddit] Today in combat exoskeleton news.

Sarcos has come up with a system that uses just one engine instead of lots of them. The engine, and a tank containing a 24-hour supply of fuel, will be slung "beneath your rear end", says Main. The engine (a turbine, two-stroke or four stroke - they haven’t decided yet) will then drive hydraulic fluid via high pressure lines to servo valves on each joint, amplifying the force used to move each limb when the wearer’s motion is sensed.

Damn those Sarcos guys for stealing all my good ideas!!

Small turbine for power? Check.

Hydraulics instead of electric motors? Check.

Bet it uses series-elastic actuators, too! Annddd they're certainly going to have some cheap PID controllers and probably some reasonably sensitive strain-gauge based load cells as well.

(See also: [Digg] New Crysis video released.)
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