Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

( OBVIOUS)Airplane passengers still clueless.(/OBVIOUS)

Nearly two years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a lot of travelers still aren't taking the tightened airport security rules seriously. The number of potentially dangerous items surrendered by passengers at carry-on security checkpoints at the nation's airports reached a record high of 640,000 last month.

Jackson and other security officials on Wednesday showed reporters an array of contraband seized recently at the airport. To his left was a 350- pound oil drum chock full of scissors, knives, handcuffs, screw drivers and other tools that passengers either forgot about or tried to carry onto flights out of PDX during a recent 10-day period.

And on the table to his right: a box cutter, brass knuckles, a bull whip, a cordless drill, a Leatherman tool, a ceramic knife, a 14-inch pair of bolt cutters, two plastic but authentic-looking toy pistols, a 5-foot walking stick with a nail poking out of one end, the bowling ball and 100 rounds of ammunition for a .357-caliber pistol.

Let me get this straight? A 14" pair of bolt cutters? What exactly do you need a set of mini-bolt cutters onboard an airplane for?? "Well, we were planning on joining the mile-high club, but we were worried that we might drop the key to the handcuffs down the toilet, so..." (For the sake of decorum, we will not ask what they were planning on doing with the bullwhip - or the cordless drill!)

And furthermore, exactly what kind of threat does a pair of bolt cutters pose to an airplane? Are the passengers going to climb out on the wing at 30k feet and 500+ miles per hour and cut a few rivets??

The whole world is totally insane. At least there's an endless amount of humor value in it. ;]
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