Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

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We must not allow a Jet Beetle gap!

*** Update 7/18/06 *** You have to give the California Department of Motor Vehicles credit for creativity on this one. A DMV insider has disclosed to me that the DMV has made a formal request to a federal agency to rule if my Beetle constitutes a threat to national security, based on what could happen if it got into the wrong hands. This raises three questions in my mind:

#1 Does this mean I’m the right hands?

#2 If someone with the name "b_laden13" is the highest eBay bidder for my Beetle, can I refuse his offer even if he has the prestigious eBay Red Shooting Star feedback rating?

#3 Would this affect MY eBay rating?

Its not everyone who can turn their VW beetle into a threat to national security. Bravo!
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