Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

SED display tech explained.

SED (hereafter "SCEED" because that's the acronym really ought to be) is basically CRT TV moving to the modern era. Here's a picture worth 10 million ad-copy soundbites to any geek with a knowledge of TV electronics:

They're tossing out all that 18th century "steer the electron beam with electromagnets!" crap, and setting up a grid of thousands of little electron emitters, one behind each pixel. Very nice. Those of you who know how a plasma display works will see that this is a lot like a simpler version of that.

The tech won't be here for 5 years, but when it arrives... this combines the image quality of a CRT with the form factor of an LCD. And it's going to wipe the floor with both of them, if the engineers can get the cost to reasonable levels.

More slobbering marketingspeak here.
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