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BPI Food Drive time again.

(Not the worst picture ever taken of me, but pretty bad. :P)

The BPI food drive for the Denver Rescue Mission was on again this week. I almost missed it; tonight was the last night. They're trying to break 100k pounds of food this time - which they think would make it the largest food donation ever in the USA. (Last year they got 41k pounds.)

After work I went over to the Safeway and loaded up a cart with about $140 worth of canned stuff. Then I rang up Bailey and we headed over to Dave & Busters on 36. Got to load up the food on the truck (which was the second of two, the first was basically stuffed floor to ceiling), and cut 'em a big check to help out too. If you were listening to the radio you might have heard me talking about my experience with the food drive at about 9:30pm-ish. (If anyone knows where I can get an MP3 of this, I'd love to have one.) Got to shake hands with Willy B and Uncle Nasty too, which was cool.

When it comes to this food drive, Willy B really said it well. You look at all these kids with the black t-shirts and tats and you think they're a bunch of slackin' dorks... but they're truly some of the most charitable people out there. They may not have much, but they'll give until it hurts to try and help out those less fortunate.

Once again, I b0w to you, my fellow BPI listeners.
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