Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

[Trivial Shit] I got my "ghetto mechanic" cert this afternoon...

Today I managed to fix my parent's riding lawn mower - that is, I took it from a non-functional state to a functional one - with cable ties!

Don't believe me?

This is the blade housing, removed from under the mower. There are actually three small blades underneath it, driven by the large pulleys. You can tell just looking at this thing that the mechanical design is a goddamn mess...

Notice the two small white pulleys at the center of the picture. Also look for three silver pulleys, one of which is not installed (yet). Notice the cable that runs around them. That cable raises and lowers the whole blade housing, by means of tension. And it gets a whole lot of tension on it. Several bolts holding pulleys have broken, and several cables have been sawn in half by tension and/or bad design of the cable system.

So today I finally decided it was time to stop with the halfway shit everyone else had been doing, and put some real heavy-duty hardware on there that would take the load. And also route the cable properly so it doesn't rub on anything.

However, I was out of bolts, and had no way to attach the pulleys! So guess how I attached them? CABLE TIES!!! Hahahahahahaa!

It won't last long, but it'll do until tomorrow when we can get real bolts.

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