Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

The idea of *putting a trigger on a game controller* is patented.

The patent system is utterly, totally and completely broken, part the quadrilla-zintillionth:

A company named Interlink Electronics, Inc., creator of interface devices has filed a suit in US District court against Nintendo of America, claiming the Nintendo the trigger on the bottom of the Wii controller infringes on their patent. The article includes images submitted with the patent application.

The complaint alleges that the trigger on the bottom of the Wii controller infringes on Interlink Patent No. 6,850,221 (Trigger Operated Electronic Device), which the company secured on February 1, 2005.

I'm sorry to be the millionth person to stomp on the red spot on the pavement where the rotting corpse of a horse used to be, but every time I see this crap, again, my incredulity meter re-pegs.

To review, you're not supposed to be able to patent things that are:

A) Obvious

B) Previously invented (aka "prior art")

Even assuming that in some brain-dead parallel universe, the idea of a trigger-like button on a game controller isn't bleedingly obvious, there's also the fact that this company's patent was filed in 2k5... and NINTENDO HAD A TRIGGER ON THE ORIGINAL NES ZAPPER IN 1984. (And there was even a Coleco-Vision controller with a trigger before that.)

It boggles my mind that we live in a society and have a system of intellectual property where fucktarded morans believe they should be given money because they paid a lawyer to file some paperwork and claim credit for something that someone else thought of twenty years before they did.
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