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Adam Savage: International Man Of... breaking stuff!

Someone posted to Ask MeFi, asking what kind of force meter the MythBusters used in the "Concrete Glider" episode. A little-known fact is that Adam Savage actually has an account on MeFi. Can you guess what happened next?

Adam Savage here - Jamie's Co-host. The "Meters" cabinet is right next to my desk, and I just took a look, but unfortunately, both force gauges are with the other team right now.

We use two. Both are digital, both are push-pull types. One goes to 40lbs, the other to several hundred. I've broken both, but by and large, they're pretty resilient.

I'm sorry I don't have specs on the big one, but our small one is this:

runs a bit over 300 bucks.

The big one is considerably more expensive.

Hope this helps.


Two things I find amusing here:

1) It just so happened that the host of a TV show was reading T3H INTARWEBZ, saw the question, walked right over to the shop cabinet, and whipped out the meter in question. Wow! Doesn't get any more direct than that. It's the true promise of the MyTubeSpaces!! We can now access trivia anywhere, any time!

2) "I've broken both of them." Okay, I think we can say that the myth that Adam continually breaks Jamie's toys is CONFIRMED! Ahahahahaha!
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