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Bush II admn. still handing out fucking immense corporate welfare checks. - Adventures in Engineering — LiveJournal
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2003-09-12 22:24
  Subject:   Bush II admn. still handing out fucking immense corporate welfare checks.

US government contracts for Iraqi reconstruction given to oil giant Halliburton Co. are now worth some two billion dollars and could go higher, the army said.



We STILL don't have Osama bin Laden.

We STILL don't have Saddam Hussien.

There is STILL not a shred of evidence that there were ever nukes, germs or nerve gas in Iraq.

Our own country is STILL a complete fucking mess economically.

Remind me again why we're letting these completely incompetent morons take billions of our tax dollars for their yachts, and send our sons and daughters out to die on the harsh sands of the desert for no reason and no good done whatsoever?

I think it's about time to start up my "ANYONE besides Bush in 2006" campaign. Except that might encourage people to actually participate in the system that put Bush in the White House in the first place, which I have no love for. So maybe I'll just start agitating a campaign to "put a bullet in Bush's stupid, fat, warmongering head" instead...
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  User: (Anonymous)
  Date: 2003-09-13 09:38 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Yeah, just a few things there that bother me. In addition, here are some of my personal favorites.

We, meaning the US, basically give the UN the finger, tell them to fuck off because we're going into Iraq anyway (under dubious reasons at best - If Bush, at the time, had shown us this 'proof' he so adamantly claimed was foolproof, I may have been inclined to believe him; though I believe this 'proof' has since been claimed as faulty/inaccurate anyway). After which we turn around and say, 'Gee, UN, think you could give us money and troops to help out with this thing we got going here in Iraq?'. If I were the UN, I'd give us the bird, tell us to fuck off and go sleep in the bed we made in Iraq.

We embarrassed the UN in the eyes of world and undermined their credibility and then turn around ask them if they can help us. Anyone else seem to think this is ass-backwards?

In addition, there was some stuff jwz posted that got me all riled up too. As if we hadn't pissed off enough countries around the world and shat on their pancakes, now we're holding prisoner citizens of other countries indefinitely. Without access to legal counsel or even charging them with a crime. Not even treating them in accord with provisions of the Geneva convention for prisoners of war.

We're holding foreign citizens prisoner denying the requests of their countries of origin to be returned to them. If we have proof of some wrong doing, ask the respective countries that they be held in US custody to be charged with a crime; if they're guilty of a charge that warrants it, imprison them and throw away the key or, if warranted, execute them. If the request to detain them is denied, show them your case and ask that they be tried in their countries with legal counsel from the US to observe the proceedings.

Anyway, I'm sure I could go on but, I can only rant so much. I'm curious to see where this goes and to learn more about it since I'm sure that I don't have all the information so a lot of this is mere opinion based on information I have here and now. Opinions are like orgasms, everyone should have one and there's mine.
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  User: (Anonymous)
  Date: 2003-09-13 09:40 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Bleh, forgot to include a sig.

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Willow: Evil Willow
  User: willow_red
  Date: 2003-09-14 16:16 (UTC)
  Subject:   Vote ABB!
Keyword:Evil Willow
Throughout the 2000 presidential campaign, I often found myself chanting Anybody But Bush (ABB), which I will probably do again in 2004. Not that I had any particular love of Gore, but I read his book and it didn't piss me off too much, so I figured he couldn't be as bad as the Shrubbery.

Why can't this country get a *useful* third party? I'd like to vote for someone one of these days, instead of against the "other guy." Yet I continue to vote, if for no other reason than it gives me the right to complain.
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Ben Cantrick
  User: mackys
  Date: 2003-09-14 17:46 (UTC)
  Subject:   I'm with you...
I don't generally vote, because I feel that doing so is participating in a corrupt system. Ironically, I feel that I have more right to complain if I don't vote. If I do vote, then I do so with the knowledge that the person I vote for might not win. And thus I'm tacitly accepting that the wrong person may be elected. (This is the political philosophy of 19th century anarchist Lysander Spooner, incidentally.)

Though in the case of the last election, it ain't hard to make a case that we didn't elect anyone... rather the supreme court appointed the president because they were too impatient to wait for all the recounts.

But I digress. Suffice it to say, as much as I hate participating in a corrupt system, Bush has to go. I'll be voting in the next election. Maybe it'll be for someone random, but regardless - it will not be Bush. And I hope everyone I know will join me in voting for Anyone But Bush.
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