Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Bush II admn. still handing out fucking immense corporate welfare checks.

US government contracts for Iraqi reconstruction given to oil giant Halliburton Co. are now worth some two billion dollars and could go higher, the army said.


We STILL don't have Osama bin Laden.

We STILL don't have Saddam Hussien.

There is STILL not a shred of evidence that there were ever nukes, germs or nerve gas in Iraq.

Our own country is STILL a complete fucking mess economically.

Remind me again why we're letting these completely incompetent morons take billions of our tax dollars for their yachts, and send our sons and daughters out to die on the harsh sands of the desert for no reason and no good done whatsoever?

I think it's about time to start up my "ANYONE besides Bush in 2006" campaign. Except that might encourage people to actually participate in the system that put Bush in the White House in the first place, which I have no love for. So maybe I'll just start agitating a campaign to "put a bullet in Bush's stupid, fat, warmongering head" instead...
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