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Remember the Hale-Bopp comet cult? One of them survived...

By the time I finished Beyond Human Mind, it was clear that Rio’s book is a gospel, a testimonial about his time with DO and the call to transmit his wisdom - along with the "updates" he’s now receiving. If DO and TI had ushered in a new, alien apostolic age, then it is Rio who hopes to emerge as Heaven’s Gate’s John the Baptist, taking the word to the people. This was the reason he felt the urge to leave the mansion in March 1997. He was meant to tell the story. He now realizes that’s been his job since DO came up with the idea of writing a screenplay in 1996.

The script incorporates the Heaven’s Gate cosmogony. Humans are bit players in a vast galactic drama, including at least one alien summit on Mars. The protagonist is a telepathic man-dog descended from the Atlanteans who has a crystal embedded in his forehead and journeys to Earth to grow a soul. Rio and OLLODY started the first version when the group lived in Pleasant Valley, Arizona, and DO decided that a screenplay would be a ticket to the masses. The first draft was several hundred pages long, and featured concept art for all the different alien races and ships. NBC, Rio said, was interested.

As loonerball as the Heaven's Gate guys were, I have to at least give them credit for one thing. They did useful work while they were here, they didn't impose their beliefs on anyone who didn't want to be part of the group, and when they checked out they didn't try and take anyone with them who didn't want to go. If only all religions were so benevolent...
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