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[ISTGINMTSU] Fan mail/suicide note from a random BGC otaku.

Let's start out by saying that he didn't go through with it, and everything seems, well, not okay, but at least not-killing-himself level now. (Which is good, because I would have had to go to where he killed himself and pissed on his grave for being such a presumptious idiot...) But he told me to keep the box of stuff anyway.

Ben Cantrick,

I've never met you Ben, and yet I have developed a great respect for you through what you've written. You have been a refreshingly intelligent presence in an otherwise stale and banal world. I hope you will recover from this slump in your life.

You're probably asking yourself why I've sent you this stuff. The answer is easy enough, I wanted it all to have a good home. By the time you read this I'll be dead. My life is just that, mine, and I have chosen to end it. I don't know that you'll care why, but simply put this world is not a world that I wish to live in anymore. It's not about something stupid like lost love or money or anything as banal and temporal as that. It's just not a place I can endure any more. I think you'll understand. If not, don't worry about it.

I have enclosed a few things, and hope you can do a couple of things for me. The first thing you'll note are the loose pages that used to be bound together as the Crisis and Crash! B-Clubs. I hope you can get these to Doc Raven (Andy McDermott IIRC) for Raven's Garage. If anyone will do text scanning for translators, it'll be him; and no worry about broken spines! Also included are the last remaining first run copies of the Digital B-Club. Keep 'em, distribute them to the regulars, whatever. I trust your judgement. For you, everything else in the box.

I wish for you your health, all the wealth you'll need, and enough happiness to make it worth having both. An if, perchance, you ever cross paths with the red eyed one on a long and lonely stretch of highway with your loose leather collar flapping in the breeze, I hope you can catch her.

So now I'm getting letters that are both suicide notes AND otaku fan mail? Do I get some kind of award for this? (Please??)

If the reference in the last paragraph eludes you, you can read Highways - and then tell me I suck as a writer. ;]

The box that came with the letter contained the following items:

* 11 BGC Digital BClub/BGCrash! Digital BClub 2 CDROM set

* Original Futureland BGC Complete Vocal Collection vol 1 and 2 discs, with all inserts including the obis.

* Bubblegum Crisis and Bubblegum Crash! B-Clubs, sans spines

* Kenichi Sonoda Artworks 1983-1997

* B-Club Film Comic BGC ep 1, 2 and 3

* Viz ADPolice graphic novel

* One CD-ROM labeled "All Things BGC - My BGC Files Collection"

* Tosh/EMI "Not For Sale" BGC ep 7 "Reika Live Stage Book"

(102k, 640x480 "box contents.jpg")

In accordance with his wishes, the de-spined B-Clubs will be shipped to Andy Skuse (Andy McDermott was the one who wrote the infamous Hackenbacker Memo), as soon as I can get in touch with him.

I'll be contacting a few specific people about the Digital B-Clubs, but I won't be able to send them all off that way. I'll let everyone know when the rest are ready to go up for grabs. Denizens of will get priority over others.
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