Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Someone's shooting a movie in Boulder?

I went to Illegal Pete's for a burrito this evening, and as I walked by the alley on 14th, someone had lights and a sound board up. There was a small knot of people standing around watching. I went and got my big fish burrito (mmm, big fish) and then came back to watch. I stuck around watching for about two and a half hours, three scenes. It starts out with a girl walking down an alley and three guys jump her. She smacks them unconscious with her book bag. Then a homeless guy sleeping down the alley comes running up and asks her if she's OK. She ends up sitting between a couple of big transformers, talking with the homeless guy and his friend. That last scene was a dolly shot, it was kind of interesting to watch them set up the dolly track.

Maybe movies have always been shot in Boulder and I just never noticed. But it seems like in the last few years I've been noticing them more. A scene for Catch And Release was shot in Boulder, and now this. Very interesting to see the movie actually being filmed. Those three scenes were not fancy, didn't have elaborate sets or anything, and so were probably fairly quick to shoot. But that two and a half hours of work will probably edit down to only about ten seconds worth of actual movie. It gives you a real appreciation for how much time and effort goes into every second of footage.
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