Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

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Recommended finite element analysis freeware?

So, I have a hankering to do some FEA structural analysis on some... components... that I'm thinking about.

I found this page with a great list of free FEA software. I'm just wondering if anybody on the friends list has had any experience with doing FEA and if so had a chance to try out any of these programs. I'm very much the n00b at mechanical engineering, so the easier the better at first. Dynamic and vibratory analysis aren't strictly necessary, but would be nice. Thermal and electrical are not needed. So far I've downloaded and am going to try out LISA, JL Analyzer, APM Structure LV 3D and MyStran. I wanted to try out SolidWorks Express, but it apparently doesn't come with a finite element analyzer that's worth a damn - so screw that hippy crap!
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