Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Lumines sales jump 5900% on PSP firmware crack news.

You may have already heard about the latest PSP exploit discovered within the classic puzzler Lumines, availing owners of any variety of PSP - all the way up to its current firmware, 3.50 - the opportunity to run homebrew, install custom firmware, and generally monkey up Sony's plans to get you to play PSP games on the system over, say, 14-year-old SNES games. Can't stop 'em, Sony - this is what people want. People want their hardware unlocked, they want emulation of everything up to PSX, and they don't want you steppin' on their toes over it.

Sony, in typical fasion, is not learning from their mistakes. Their response to this all-hardware versions, all-firmware versions crack? They're going to make a whole new hardware rev of the PSP! Which, of course, will inevitably be broken. Did I mention it's fugly as hell, too?
Tags: digg, duh
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