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Video games I'm looking forward to, Fall 2k7.

Bioshock - Watched someone play the demo today, it looks very cool. The artistry and atmosphere are both amazing. I'm skeptical that it really deserves the breathless "10/10" - "100%" - "Best. Video game. EVAR!!!" hype it's getting, but it certainly looks plenty good enough to blow $50 on. In some ways, this almost looks like they stole the sets from the movie Dark City - a long-standing favorite of mine. People are saying that this may be the game that proves Ebert and the other haughty idiots wrong about whether or not video games can approach the level of art form.

I'm reading that the PC version looks even better than the X360 version, so I'll probably hold out and not buy this until I have my dual quad-core box. Any ideas on a name for this brute? I usually do BGC characters, but since this will be an 8 core box, I was thinking about breaking with tradition and naming it after some big V8 engine. Maybe "427"? "454"? "LS7"? Maybe "Christine," after that 10,300 RPM redline V8 that's made from two Hayabusa motors joined at the crank? If it's going to be a BGC character, it's going to have to be either "dd" or "largo" i.e. sheer power level overkill.

Metroid Prime III - Corruption - The people who played the E3 demos say that in this game they finally got the Wii controls right. It's about time - I was really annoyed with Zelda's shoddy abuse of the Wii controls. I was a big fan of the Wii purely for the innovation in controls, so I really want to play a game that uses them well.

God of War II - The last great game for the PS2. Can't think of a better way to see the console off.

Crysis - Still looking like the most fun sandbox jungle shooter since FarCry. Another that will have to wait for the new computer.

Notably absent: GTA IV - As of yet, I simply don't care. Doesn't look new, exciting, or interesting. Seems like GTA's fun level peaked with Vice City. Heavenly Sword - I like hot chicks with swords at least as much as the next guy, but I'm not excited about this either. I'm told it's basically a God Of War ripoff. Maybe it won't suck, maybe it will. Not going to drop $600 on a PS3 just to find out. Rock Band - Are you kidding, I can only play like two songs on Hard on GHIII! Let me know when you guys actually get some popular songs from less than 15 years ago (that would mean post-1992, guys - I did the math for you there, because I know a lot of you in the music industry were english majors) in one of these guitar games, and maybe I'll buy again. Until then, screw you washed up sock-puppets and the money-grubbing, music-hating fucktards with their hands up your butts. Halo 3 - Another snoozer. This had better be WAY more fun that it looks in the videos I've seen. I've already destroyed two Halos, I hope you have something better up your sleeve than that old crap again, Bungie. Metal Gear Squalid XVIQMZ47OMGWTFBBQ: Hideo Kojima Jumps The Shark Electric Boogaloo - MGS3 was great. Everything since then seems to have been coat-tail riding. Yawn.
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