Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

More Bioshock.

Managed to take down three Rosies and rescue three little sisters in the Police office above the Fisheries. Two friendly rocket launcher turrets + plenty of electrobuck FTW. It's nice to find a game that actually gives you a banana when you're a good monkey. Do save those little sisters - the "hypnotize big daddy" plasmid and bonus Adam is well worth it. Had to burn all my medkits to kill three Rosies, but by the time I was done my wallet was maxed out at $500 so buying another 9 medkits even at a non-hacked machine was only $180. (Note: limiting my wallet to $500 was weak. A half-inch thick brick entirely of $1 bills would be $400, and even a person loaded down with guns and ammo should quite easily be able to carry two such bricks. And if I'm carrying bricks of tens... you do the math.)

After saving three little sisters and getting the bonus, I was drowning in Adam. I upgraded my health, eve capacity, and bought two more plasmid slots plus the enrage plasmid - and I still have 40 Adam left over. I'm carrying incinerate, enrage, hypno-daddy, and electrobolt. I figure enrage is the new telekinesis - it's way more fun to enrage a nitro splicer and watch him toss bombs at the other enemies, than to try and catch said bombs while getting shot at.

Oh, apparently this game is a lot more fun on the 360 than on the PC. Evidently too easy on the PC, because headshots are so effective, and mouse control is so much more precise than a controller. Incidentally, I've turned the controller sensitivity up to 75 (from 70) and that seems to be a nice balance.
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