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Yay teh hiking!

This hike goes from the Moffat Tunnel (a bit west from Rollinsville) up about 2000 vertical feet to several lakes right up near the continental divide. Last time we did this hike, we stopped at Heart Lake. This time, we hiked up another trail to Arapahoe Lake, and then scrambled up the scree fields for another hour or so to get to the very top. The view was well worth it.

All images are large: - This is what it looks like from very high up (possibly on the continental divide), looking back down towards Arapahoe Lake. - Anyone know what these are? We stumbled upon five or six of them on the way back down. As the picture probably shows, they aren't very afraid of people. I guessed ptarmigan, but they may be a weirdo variant. Their camouflage is quite good. They really do look like just another rock from more than about 15 feet away. - Another picture in the top 3 worst pictures of Ben ever. Despite no trace of Irish Scottish blood, I managed to look like Fat Bastard here. GIT IN MAH BELLY!!

Thanks to Kotoe for the pix, and Travis for driving!
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