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Pelosi tied to chair in effigy - forced to actually LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE.

After Congresswoman and Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, refused to hold any townhall meetings in her district, we staged a mock townhall on the grounds in front of her San Francisco office building. We tied a fake Pelosi to a chair and forced her to listen to her constituents.

"Washington DC? Ain't no country I ever heard of, Washington DC. Do they speak "consent of the governed" in Washington DC?"

"Say "impeachment is off the table" again, motherfucker! I dare you! I double-dog dare you!!"

Pelosi is looking less and less like Eichmann and more and more like Quisling every day...

Meanwhile, Dubya the moron continues to stall on attacking Iran like the big, fat, sniveling coward he is. Come on, asshole - bomb Iran already! It's the one thing you can do that just might stand a chance of getting you impeached. What are you waiting for!
Tags: politics, reddit, usa not worth saving
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