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C++ is not a very good language.

"If you must use the wrong language for the job, I'd rather see you use C than C++. It's true that C gives you enough rope to hang yourself. But so does C++, and it also comes with a premade gallows and a book on knot tying." -Unknown commenter, circa 2004

Or, you could ask Linus:

Not to say that C is perfect. Far from it. But for quite a while now, I've been telling people: "If you want to do OO stuff, just go straight to Java. If what you're doing needs higher performance, use plain C." It used to be that you could at least argue "well, I need reasonable performance, and I also need OO... so I have to use C++." With Java, that excuse is gone.

The only people who truly need to write in C++ any more are Win32 programmers. The poor, screwed-over bastards.

Edit: Or X11 programmers. Those even poorer, even more screwed-overer bastards.
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