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Adventures in Engineering
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2007-09-09 09:57
  Subject:   Dear Colorado weather: DIAF.
  Mood:that time of month
  Music:Garbage - I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Yesterday, I spent five and a half hours with my back in the dirt, doing all the maintenance on my bike to pull it safely out of its two-season slumber. Eveything went great, and now I have a motorcycle I can ride again. I did this mainly in anticipation of having to give up my car all day on Wednesday - it badly needs to have the 120k mile service done.

So, now that I can ride my bike for the first time in two years, what's the weather like today?

54 F. Overcast. And the possibility of rain on Wednesday.

Where the hell is the beautiful Colorado Indian summer we get every year?? Fuck you, nature.

Oh, and while I'm bitching about things that will never change. Dear CNN: Your weather page chokes so hard on its own cock that I can hear your servers gagging from here. Your search page... DOESN'T WORK if I have JavaScript off. Your "Enter your zipcode and see the weather"... DOESN'T WORK if I have JavaScript off. The little, unknown Weather Underground site linked above even got THAT right.

The more I see sites that require JavaScript for even the most basic functionality, the more annoyed I get. People who surf with JavaScript enabled are the idiot demographic. The ones with huge amounts of spyware and other crap cluttering up their machines - because that's about the only thing that JavaScript is good for any more. When you make your site dependent on JavaScript for even the most basic stuff... you're basically screaming out loud: I WANT ONLY THE STUPIDEST MORONS ON THE WEB TO USE MY SITE!

Well, you're going to get what you ask for. Enjoy your AIDS.
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  User: dpcfmander
  Date: 2007-09-09 16:13 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
A little rain is going to stop Mr. Outdoors?! Wow...

There's always next weekend, right?
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  User: (Anonymous)
  Date: 2007-09-09 20:43 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
It'll stop me from riding, yes. I enjoy being alive, and the rain brings out the worst drivers in the city. California transplants who think that 4 wheel drive means that you can also stop on a dime, regardless of how slick the streets are.

-Ben, from the apple store
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  User: ashfae
  Date: 2007-09-09 17:02 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Little and unknown? Everyone I know in Florida (and everyone they know!) check that site religiously every day...best hurricane watch anywhere.
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  User: osmium_ocelot
  Date: 2007-09-09 23:18 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Beautiful icon. Where'd you get it?
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  User: nickhalfasleep
  Date: 2007-09-09 20:09 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
I like <a href="http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Denver&state=CO&site=BOU>NOAA's forecasets</a> too.
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Ben Cantrick
  User: mackys
  Date: 2007-09-09 23:07 (UTC)
  Subject:   Forgot again.
This is getting ridiculous. We even talked about the linode. Someone shoot me.
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Trevor Stone: stavkirke window negative space
  User: flwyd
  Date: 2007-09-10 00:26 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Keyword:stavkirke window negative space
Technically, it's not Indian Summer until it's snowed once. I remember a DJ comment on KGNU one hot October... "We're in the dog days of Indian Summer..."

The folks I was shivering camping with this weekend said the weather was "the remains of Felix." While I felt that wearing clothes in my sleeping bag was admitting the summer would end, I was glad I brought my long underwear.
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  User: dpcfmander
  Date: 2007-09-11 22:30 (UTC)
  Subject:   Lookie thar!
Cloudy, but no chance of rain for Wednesday now.

*crosses fingers that the rain will come this way instead*
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