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A random selection of stories found today. - I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence" - You're damn right America is going to flip the channel back to American Idol and go right back to sleep. Where the hell do you think you live? In a country with an actual IQ, and some actual courage? GTFO! - See previous item, Re: IQ of America. - See previous item, Re: IQ of America. (Can I nuke DC yet? PLEASE??) - Now that is pretty damn fucked up right there.,,2166974,00.html - Again I ask: where are these women? Anyone know them? Introduce me? - What a buncha whiners! Turn off the TV and go outside once a while. Everyone's so damn politically correct. Also, get off my lawn! Or I'll rattle my walker at you! ;] - Petro-dollar, meet cliff. You two have fun now! - ScrewAttack's top ten 2d shooters. What was I saying about my lawn and my walker again?

There was interesting article in the Colorado Daily today about how Harley-Davidson is trying to get more women to buy motorcycles. Though I'm with them in spirit, I wish it was Kawasaki or Yamaha doing it instead of H-D. I know a lot of people like the whole retro look, but even the new Hardly-Ablesons are horrifically overpriced, and the old ones are a maintenance nightmare as well. We'll forget about the whole power/weight ratio thing, since only adrenaline-junkies like me give a damn about that stuff - most people are in it for the image.

P.S. Dark City rules.
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