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Putting a bullet in the head of Windoze Update - like taking candy from a baby.

Disclaimer: This worked great for me. But modify your own computer at your own risk.

WinXP/SP2 -

Step 1: Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore - "Create a Restore Point", and name it whatever you want. I called mine "Just before removing Windows Update".

Step 2: Reboot computer. As it's coming up, hammer on SHIFT and F8 so you get the boot menu. Choose "Safe Mode". Not with networking, not with command prompt, just plain old Safe Mode. Whoah, look at those safe mode graphics! Welcome back to 1995! ;]

Step 3: Start/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt

"mkdir c:\temp\WUBackup"
"cd C:\Windows\System32"
"move wu*.dll c:\temp\WUBackup"
"cd dllcache"
"move wu*.dll c:\temp\WUBackup"

Step 4: Reboot and check out Start/Control Panel/Security Center -

As you can see, the firewall is still working just like before. The anti-virus thing is intentional - I found my AV software was making my laptop dog-slow, so I disabled it on purpose.

So, anyone wanna start a betting pool on how long before the Redmond FUD machine starts decrying the dangers of removing Windoze Update?
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