Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Happy birthday to me...

I'm trying to remember how many I had at this point. I think it was three beers, and a glass of wine. It was mom's idea to take out the camera at this point. :P

After this we went and hiked up the other side of the valley and looked way back down on the teeny little house, from up on the sandstone cliffs. That was the good part of the party. (That and playing with the dogs and llamas.) This stuff sitting on the porch, drinking and stuffing our faces with hamburgers, was still good, but not as good.

The piece of paper is the title to my 300ZX-TT. In Colorado, you only get this when you pay off all the leins on a car. I thought that getting a motorcycle for my 21st birthday was the best present I'd ever get. I was wrong.

The world seems to have gone a long way out of its way to deny me this little piece of paper. Bad luck, bad timing, and some people (you know who you are) actively attempting to do things that would lead to a default on the loan, and hence the loss of the only material posession I've ever given half a shit about in my life. The middle finger is dedicated to the world at large, and the people who tried to make this dream a non-reality when I was 90% of the way there. (Less than $3000 left on a $20,000 loan.) Fuck you.


This makes two absolutely enourmous favors I owe you. Puer Aternus complex be damned, this woman makes all the difference in the world.

To everyone who came, thank you for making the trip. I know the drive is long. I hope you had a good time, or at least an interesting and memorable one. Having my friends around made the party for me. It would not have been the same without you...

To those who couldn't make it, that's a bummer. Some didn't get the word (Se) - my fault, I'll try and get the word out better next time. Some were stuck at work (Lisa) - as someone else stuck with a less than optimal job, I feel your pain.

And j_b, thanks for the 128mb SDRAM. Maybe seems like a trivial thing, but I have this feeling I'm really going to enjoy having 256 megs. About all I do on this Windoze box is games, so the jump from 128 to 256 should be very significant.

Year 27 sucked almost as badly as year 26. Here's hoping year 28 doesn't slobber on a fat wang and like it. :P

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