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UK bans cheap katanas.

Imitation Samurai swords are to be banned after a spate of attacks in the UK, say ministers. The Home Office has confirmed plans to outlaw the weapons in England and Wales after putting forward the idea earlier this year.

Home Office minister Vernon Coaker said there was a clear danger to the public posed by easily-available swords. The proposal is expected to stop short of banning genuine Japanese swords held by collectors or genuine enthusiasts.

And the ban passed.

"Only 3 deaths in the last 4 years from samurai swords. They should ban scissors and bears as well."

- comments

In other news, Ben Cantrick asserted that there was a clear and present danger to the skulls of the public because of the availability of cheap bricks. He then called for a ban on all inexpensive fist-sized objects made of stone.

(Insert tendon-snapping eyeroll here.)

I also find the "genuine" and "Japanese" qualifiers hilarious.

Let's start with "genuine enthusiasts" - am I a "genuine" "enthusiast"? Does having a single $300, 0.6% carbon blade sitting on a stand atop my bookshelf make me an "enthusiast"? A "genuine" one? The words "genuine" and "enthusiast" in this context mean... whatever the hell Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker wants them to mean. And therefore, they mean nothing.

Secondly, "Japanese". Yeah, we'd better make sure those blades come from Japan. Because if some master smith in Iowa is making katana blades out of the best steels known to modern science, those blades obviously don't deserve the same kind of respect as ones made in some other country.

The sheer wrong-headedness of this kind of law is simply mind blowing. Not to mention it's completely and utterly unenforceable. And the cherry on top? There's no rational way for this government (or any other) to draw the line between "cheap" and "non-cheap" blades. That line is entirely arbitrary.

This is, as always, punishing millions of people for the bad acts of a few. Judging by "3 deaths in 4 years," the bad acts of a staggeringly few.

Some people in this world just won't be satisfied until everyone is wearing strait-jackets, and denied access to anything more interesting than jello...
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