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So the Hollywood writer's guild is on strike...

And all our favorite TV shows are being written by second-rate wannabes who couldn't get a job doing anything better...

Remind me again how I'm supposed to be able to tell the difference between this and regular TV?? ;]

Although not as epicly hilarious as the OPEC's recent Polish standoff, this little catfight between greedy-ass Hollywood studios who hate art, and pretentious Hollywood hacks who still believe that someone, somewhere actually gives a damn about the mindless drek they write, is funny as hell because it's a double Polish standoff. Or maybe I should call it a Polish gunfight?

THE SCENE: An old-west shantytown. Two men stand on the dirt road, facing each other. A tumbleweed blows by.

Stage left stands the Hollywood Studios. Gun pressed firmly to their own temple, shouting at the Writer's Guild: "GIVE IN! Or we'll shoot!!"

Stage right, the Writer's Guild, gun also pressed firmly to their own temple, shouting back: "NO, U!!!"

And here I stand, leaning against a post, watching, grinning, just waiting for a car to backfire...
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