Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Video gaming triviality...

I got some saber-staff time in with Jedi Academy last night. Not sure I like it. Of course, after doing dual saber with the faster Rodian, saber staff with the (presumably?) slower Kel Dor isn't as much fun. I'm definitely dealing more damage per hit, and I'm rarely getting hurt badly (unlike the fragile Rodian), but it feels like there's too much wind-up time before you actually swing.

Did have one fun moment though. I was fighting one of the smart, fast, difficult reborn in the jedi crypt level (t3_rift?) and he went and ran right over to the very edge of the broad bridge we were fighting on. And then he stood there. I was like, "You must be kidding me..." Nope. I slashed at him a couple of times, he wouldn't budge. So the third time, I ran right up and kicked him right in the face, sending him flying off the edge.

The screams of the vanquished are the sweetest music. ;]

I've also decided that, despite appearances, Splinter Cell really is the first worthy successor to Tenchu. It's got it all - hiding in the shadows, grabbing guys and dragging their bodies, big penalties for getting detected, etc...
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