Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Boring retail hell shit.

As of 7:19pm tonite, I have sold $774.19 worth of stuff today. This is an average rate of $99.47 an hour, over the duration of an 8 hour shift. (Yes, I got here at 11am.) To give you some basis of comparison, I make $5.25 an hour - that's right, minimum wage. I'm making Radio Shack twenty times what it costs them to have me here.

Furthermore, I did this without once pressuring anyone to buy anything. Without once even offering anyone anything that they had not specifically asked me for. Without any of the bullshit, high-pressure, screw-the-customer-as-hard-as-possible tactics that we are specifically taught to do in our training.

I attached no accessories. I sold no service plans. I did not sell a single cell phone this shift. I sold none of these things, because NOBODY WANTED THEM. Concept, no? And I'm still cranking like a mother-fucker at $100/hour, sustained over an 8 hour shift.

So I have only this to say to any shithead, sales-weasel manager in the district offices who thinks I'm "not doing my job":


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