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*OF COURSE* they're torturing American citizens at Gitmo.

Khan is one of very few Guantanamo prisoners whose claim to U.S. residency has been legally established. [...] In the course of meetings with counsel and the Red Cross, Khan also handed over neatly penned, handwritten letters. Several have been made public, after heavy redactions imposed by U.S. military censors. One of Khan's messages begins: "In this letter I am going to mention some of the things I have been through." Then the next 19 lines of text are blacked out.,8599,1710491,00.html?xid=feed-yahoo-full-nation

Also, your leaders (who, let me remind you, 52% OF YOU VOTED FOR IN 2004) are still batshit insane:

Cheney: "Would I invade Iraq again? You're damn right I would!"

And the Whitehouse says that they'll definitely consider using waterboarding again...
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