Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

I hate it when my toys don't work...

j_b nicely got me a 128 MB stick of ram for my birthday, but when I put it in my computer, look what it did:

I don't know what's wrong. The new board is taller than the old one, but I see no reason that should screw things up. They're both 128 mb PC133 SDRAM. Both 16x64. One says CL3 and the other says CL3A - I have no idea what that means. Possibly one is parity and one is not - though I would hope by now ALL ram would be parity. Still it shouldn't hose my screen down like that just due to lack of parity.

I tried both chips in different slots, swapped order, etc. Old board still works regardless, new one doesn't. If the new one is the only one in the machine, it won't even POST.

I want to send this thing back, but not before I'm sure this is the right kind. I should have been more careful in specifying what kind of RAM I wanted. I naively assumed that 128MB PC133 was 128MB PC133...
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