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Dear FlyFF: Kindly consume excrement and expire.

It's now officially past the end of the 1.5exp weekend, and I have not been able to log on since Thursday. Why? Because GameGuard came out with an update on Tuesday that stops me from logging on. I try, and it crashes FlyFF. My computer was turned off on Sunday and I didn't turn it on again until Thursday. There is no possible way I could have changed anything. Only YOU have changed things, GameGuard. YOU broke me. You call yourself a "Hacking prevent system"? I call you "Gameplay prevent system".

I've been nothing but cooperative with your braindead, know-nothing tech support. You should have seen how hard I laughed when they sent me that email saying "please send us a screenshot of your problem." A) FlyFF runs full-screen so how am I supposed to save a screenshot? (Yes I know there's a windowed mode - how am I supposed to turn it on when I HAVE TO SUCCESSFULLY RUN THE GAME BEFORE I CAN CHANGE THE FULLSCREEN/WINDOWED SETTING?) B) What exactly do you expect to learn from a screenshot of a dialog box that reads nothing more than "ERROR: Default Setup" and has an OK button?? You got some stego encoded bits in there? Ha, as if you even know what stego is.

I know you don't care. That's been abundantly obvious ever since I had to install a Win2k partition just so I could successfully double-click the freakin' program! The combination of incompetence and indifference you've exhibited is truly astonishing. I thought this would be a fun way to hang out with friends who are far away geographically. But your whole damn mission in life seems to be: "Fuck over Ben's ability to play FlyFF by any means necessary." First claiming I had a virus (which strangely no virus program in the world seems to be able to detect) then telling me I have to wipe and reinstall my main OS partition. And then finally, when I successfully started playing by installing a Win2k partition, you went and altered GameGuard to break everyone who plays under Win2k! Truly a spectacular performance. Bravo!

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. And you can take your fucking rootkit-based "gameplay prevent system" with you. You staggeringly incompetent shitheads.
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