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My highly anticipated Honey Bee King II got here today. I opened the box and took a look... the nose of the canopy has a big chunk busted out of it about the size of a quarter. Fine, I said - I'm not happy about that, but at least it's only cosmetic.

I set the battery to charge and went to dinner. Got back, the battery was done, so I started leveling the swashplate and evening out the flybar. The swashplate wasn't too far off, but when I got to the flybar it was way, way off. One side was 56.3mm long and the other was 54mm even. There's absolutely no chance of reasonable flight with a flybar this miscalibrated. Then I noticed that the flybar was awfully loose, and it wasn't changing the pitch of the main blades.

I took a closer look at the rotor head... the horns that the flybar control arms pivot on were snapped right off the rotor head. Like a branch torn right off a tree. This is, incidentally, on the same part that bears the "QC Passed #2" sticker. (tendon-snapping eyeroll)

I don't know why this heli passed QC. It's about as broken as a helicopter can be. If you can do nothing else right, at least get the fucking rotor head correct! It is literally the heart of the chopper! Get that wrong, and nothing else matters.

I am completely fucked. I've been waiting all week for this heli, and before I even take it out of the box, it's busted to shit. If I send it back to Hobby Lobby, then it'll be TWO WEEKS before I can as much as charge the fucking battery on the new one, never mind fly. If I send it back to you in Taiwan directly, it'll be THREE MONTHS on a slow boat before you even open the box.

I don't believe this thing was damaged in transit. The styrofoam is an inch and a half thick, and there's not a mark on the outside of the box. What happened here was, some coconut-fisted gorilla at the factory was putting this thing in the box, and instead of putting in it correctly, he put it in wrong and then forced the packaging closed. Thus cracking the canopy, and destroying the rotor head. The marks in the sytrofoam on the inside of the box tell the tale quite nicely.

In sum, I cordially invite you to go fuck yourselves, you screamingly incompetent morons. I'm returning this thing to Hobby Lobby, getting my $150 back, and never buying an E-Sky product again.

Have fun selling stupid, clueless morons on your pretty aluminium CNC machined rotor head upgrade. This customer isn't biting. Choke on your own shit and die.
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