Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Why young feminists are supporting Obama.

As the media noted (perhaps correctly) that by remaining in the race Clinton might be jeopardizing a Democratic White House for four more years, Obama stood up to say that Clinton has every right to remain in the race. How easy it would have been for Obama, even coyly, to have egged on the calls for Clinton's withdrawal. In fact, he came to her defense, showing both a difference in style and principle. Ironically, it was the male candidate rather than the female who exhibited one of the values of feminism, the unwillingness to accept the old style politics played by men for decades.

This pattern of old-style politics and adherence to un-feminist values is part and parcel of the campaign Hillary Clinton has run - let us also not forget her old pal James Carville calling Bill Richardson "a Judas" for endorsing Obama. The Clinton pattern is why most of the young women I know on my all-women's campus and elsewhere are supporting Barack Obama.

I've ranted many times that "feminism" has become so diluted, so individualized, that the term itself doesn't actually mean anything specific any more. I see the above attitude as being far more about supporting fundamental change,1 rather than being about liberation and equality for women.

But I'm still happy to see people supporting Obama, whatever their reasons.

1 Something which I believe is impossible in the USA of today.
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