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In which Ben fails at RC helicopters.

So I wussed out and decided that it would take at least three weeks to get a new heli, while repairing the broken one would take a week. Impatience won out over anger (for maybe the first time in my life) and I fixed the Honey Bee. Today has been the first weekend where I wasn't busy and the weather didn't totally suck, so I took it out.

The first thing you need to know about the Honey Bee King II is that it's tail-heavy as hell. I think it was made for a much heavier NiMH battery, not the li-po that's currently in there. As a result, unless you mount the battery so far forward that it's actually falling out of the heli, it will do what I call the "tail pirouette". This is where the fin that prevents the tail rotor from hitting the ground digs in, and the whole heli spins around that point of contact. It won't take off because the severely rearward weight distribution means the whole heli would have to tilt backwards at something like a 45 degree angle before the CG would be under the main shaft. Suitable application of velcro will allow you to hang the battery far enough forward that the overall CG will be pretty close to the main shaft. The setup video on youtube only mentions this in passing, but it's a huge thing.

The second thing you need to know is that at least some of the HBK2s come from the factory with their gyro out of whack. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Always respect the rotor disc. It certainly hits with more than enough force to take an eye out. If you ARE stupid enough to crash your heli into yourself, at least wear jeans so it won't leave you with multiple cuts and bruises. (Or, if you're into that sort of thing, then hey...)

Metal objects and wooden rotor blades don't mix. Or at least not very well. On the other hand, rotor blades are a lot cheaper than rotor heads, you know? ;] Basically the out of whack gyro led to a death spiral and the rotor disc hit this telephone junction box. The picture speaks eloquently for the end result. - My digicam is teh sux when it comes to video, but here is a short clip for your amusement. The camera wasn't running when I crashed, but this may still be fun for someone. The little speech at the beginning is: "This is my first heli flight. I'll probably crash and burn horribly. So this should be fun... for you, the viewer." and not "I have to go to the bathroom REAL bad! Oh, my bladder!" as you might expect from watching it. Then I just get the heli off the ground, and someone wants to use the sidewalk, so I have to put it back down and let her go past. Bah!
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