Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Let's hear it for insecure APs!

There are at least six APs within radio range of the new place, only two of which are WEP'd. (Not that AirSnort couldn't take care of that...) And one of them stays green in Netstumbler about 95% of the time. (Cresting to about -78dB, for you radio heads.)

So it is using this (unsurprisingly named) "default" Linksys AP that I type to you now. I'm sitting on my bedside hutch, back against the porch railing of my new 2nd floor apartment. Thank you, whoever you are 50 yards to the west of me, for running an insecure AP. I promise I won't open a goat pr0n server with your bandwidth tomorrow! (I'm not making any promises about next week... ;])

Thanks also to j_b for the laptop with the 802.11b card. I'll bring it back to you tomorrow, or whenever you want it back. By the way, I fixed the space bar - at least mostly. It's still a little stiff, but you don't have to hammer on it to get it work, and it no longer occasionally hits the ALT key for you by accident. (One of the little white things underneath that holds the bar on was flipped around 180 degrees. Easy fix.)

So, I figure, a cheap PCI 802.11b, some mild (3-5 element) 2.4 giggle-Hertz yagi action (or a cantenna), and maybe one of those slick "through-the-glass patch" antenna cable setups so I don't have to drill any holes, and I can mooch bandwidth from the comfort of my own desk. RF is just da shiznit. It'll still be a few days before I have things working, but this should tide me over quite well until the cable modem comes in.

Funny, how a new place doesn't quite feel like home until you have bandwidth...

See you, net.cowboy.

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