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The Seminal gets stupid on third parties.

Third-party candidates are the butt of jokes here in the United States, but Ross Perot's success in 1992 is nothing to laugh at. He received just under 20 million votes, nearly half Clinton's 44 million. And that 20 million would've been higher, perhaps considerably higher, if Perot hadn't sapped his own momentum by reconsidering his bid. Contrary to popular opinion, there is room for a 3rd, even a 4th, party in the United States. We just have to decide if we want to make room for it.

I generally like The Seminal, and I read the site whenever I see a link to it come up on Reddit. The guy who runs it seems to have a fairly good correspondence with my own personal feelings on politics.

Which is why I can't believe he's spewing this ignorant bullshit. I can't believe that someone who lives here in the state of Colorado just as I do, who no doubt sat by and watched just as I did in 2006 when both parties in this state openly trashed and destroyed Amendment 36, the amendment that stood the best chance ever of prying open the door for third parties, can say stuff like this with a straight face.

"Decide if we want to make room for 3rd parties"?? Are you out of your frikkin' mind? WE ALREADY DECIDED THAT! And the conclusion was blindingly clear: there is no room for third parties in this state. None. And furthermore, you're better than this kind of self-deluding bullshit. Stop it. Stop thinking that the vast majority of people in Colorado (or, indeed, in the USA) want anything aside from bread and circuses. Quit being a delusional idiot. You are so much smarter than this.
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