Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

The 10 most promising entrants to the Auto X Prize.

The central component is a fuel conversion system that vaporizes gasoline before it enters the alé’s engine—an idea developed more than 25 years ago by FVT founder George Parker (the company is officially just two years old). The result, when combined with a narrow, aerodynamic fiberglass body on a three-wheel chassis, is an astonishing 92 miles per gallon—not to mention a 0-to-60 time around 5 seconds. FVT intends to design a series hybrid that shares the body of the current gas-only alé, with a small onboard generator that utilizes the vapor technology to charge lithium-ion batteries for extended range.

The VentureOne and Aptera are among them.
Tags: slashdot
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