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Suntory Mermaid II arrives home. US->Japan 110 days propelled purely by waves.

Japanese sailor and environmentalist Kenichi Horie has completed a 110-day solo voyage across the Pacific Ocean in a boat propelled by wave power to claim another world first. Weak waves and opposing ocean currents delayed his arrival, which was originally set for late May.

"When waves were weak, the boat slowed down. That's the problem to be solved," the adventurer told reporters Saturday from aboard his catamaran Suntory Mermaid II off the Kii Peninsula in western Japan. The 9.5 metre (31-foot) boat is equipped with two special fins at the front which can move like a dolphin's tail each time the vessel rises or falls with the rhythm of the waves.

"Throughout history, mankind has used wind for power, but no one has appeared to be serious about wave power," Horie told AFP last December. "I think I'm a lucky boy as this wave power system has remained virtually untouched."
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