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As your lawyer, I advise you to turn off DNS negative caching in XP.

I was having huge trouble resolving DNS in XP. It seemed to get even worse when I installed SP2. I believe the problem was negative caching. Somehow my first DNS request would fail, and that failure would be cached, convincing my machine that there was no DNS entry for something that there obviously was. (Examples include,, and even a few times.)

If you want to you can turn off the DNSCache service completely, by doing Start/Control Panel/Performance And Maintenance/Administrative Tools/Services. Then find "DNS Client" and right-click it, and click "Properties". Change "Startup type:" from "Automatic" to "Disabled".

I didn't want to disable caching completely, however. I do believe that short term caching (positive only) on the client side is reasonable. So I followed the directions here instead:

This walks you through how to turn off negative DNS caching entirely. Also you can set up a DNS positive caching timeout shorter than the default 86400 secs (one day). I set mine to 3600 seconds (one hour), which feels about right.
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